Netacast offers different robust solutions for your digital video broadcasting environment, from content provision, to channel management and complete digital video broadcasting consultancy. We provide  seamless management of your broadcasting environment and help our customers choose the best equipment to effectively suit their needs. Our broadcast solutions include:

Icareus Playout server– a perfect solution for small scale broadcasting as well as local and regional TV stations. This server provides scheduled playout of pre-recorded MPEG-2 A/V content and can be connected directly to a modulator or a DTT transmitter. Optionally the server can be equipped with various live feed inputs like ASI, demodulators and analogue Y/C. The server provides seamless switchovers between scheduled video streams, playlists and background video. All SI data is generated with necessary network information (NIT) and delivery descriptors, and multiplexed to the broadcast stream. EPG data is automatically generated for playlist data.